China's LED lighting is expected to achieve stable growth
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China's LED lighting is expected to achieve stable growth

We have been tracking report of China's LED market, according to what they had seen and heard in China, you can feel \"of China's LED connector lighting market expanded significantly since 2012, the market has been fully start\". First of all, under the support of the government, outdoor lighting got popularity. In 2013 began to import indoor, both in indoor and outdoor LED lighting will spread quickly. However, at the same time, large Numbers of enterprise must realize the product differentiation.
Regarding the LED lighting market scale of China global market research agencies set bond, LED investigators LEDinside pointed out: "in 2012, the Chinese government implemented a series of policies and measures to stimulate the domestic demand of LED lighting, general LED lighting market in China has already started." As a result, the LED lighting is expected in 2015 China's demand will reach $10 billion. LEDinside predicted that as the economy continues to grow and LED higher penetration rate, by 2020, China's household LED strip connector lighting demand will reach $22 billion. It is expected to grow sales form including e-commerce and spot sales. Estimated sales ratio of these two areas will be rising.
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