LED display enterprises to explore new way out of the woods
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LED display enterprises to explore new way out of the woods

Statistics show that in 2012 mainland China LED display industry production scale is 24.1 billion yuan, up 10% from a year earlier. Overall, China LED display market scale growth is slowing, the future LiangSanNian annual compound growth rate will remain at about 10% - 10%. In the face of slowing growth, market saturation, many LED display enterprises already begin to actively explore new ways, to get rid of the shackles of low gross profit margin, breakthrough in enterprise development.
"The LED display industry developed too fast in the past two years, the mainland market has reached the saturated state, some profit space is very transparent, now most display enterprise began to transition to LED lighting, this is a big trend." One insider of Shenzhen Masterlite (MTL) co., Ltd told reporters.
In 2011 and 2012, after a severe concussion, the LED display industry's profit margins were squeezed, many display manufacturer in seek diversification, risk to pass on lower gross profit margins, and get the new profit growth point.
Although many display enterprises are powering LED lighting, but still put displays the as the main business. To cling to, it has to be on the "change" the word, in addition to the product, marketing model is very important.
These advertising media of company LED display advertising business, really can make money is not many. If the screen can't bring to the advertising media company profits, or display appear quality problems, display enterprise would bear loss.
One industry insider told reporters that on the whole, the LED display industry development up to now, has been basically into mature, the future LED display industry could be divided into two camps. The first camp is composed of several display leading enterprises, occupied the main market share; the second camp, is has the special advantage of small and medium enterprises, focused on market segment. These people think, the small and medium-sized screen enterprise must create unique competitive products, can be in the future market competition.

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