Analysis of hinder in the development of civil security mark
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Analysis of hinder in the development of civil security mark

To solve the domestic civil security products industry from "Made in China" to "Created in China" pattern, as living standards improve, people increasingly demand for high quality the product, how to meet people’s demand for the product is a big problem DC plug connector. After the traditional splitter industrial development, homogeneity is serious, resulting in vicious competition continues, less independent intellectual property products, key technologies. Key components are dependent on imports, resulting in international competitiveness being week, affecting the development of the industry.
Generally speaking, civil security market is basically in a period of market cultivation and the exploration. As the industry development process is too short, the industry chain is imperfect, weak network infrastructure, and high prices, the civil security market is still facing great obstacles to development. Some of the major obstacles are as follows:
Obstacles one: Industry temptation resulting in reducing professional level
In the past two years, a large number of companies involved in this field, such as video surveillance, smart home, intelligent access control and so on. We have seen a huge temptation to the civilian market, splitter cable, but in effect it is not business practices to achieve the desired effect in the market. In fact, this spread large nets, catching small fish method is not recognized by the industry's behavior dc jack connector.
Obstacles two: lack of innovation in product
Civil security market, there is a serious product homogeneity, in addition to not enough product innovation. Many manufacturers’ strength is uneven. Some manufacturers do offer innovation products, but the programs are too complex in product implementation, and ultimately died; In addition, consumers do not buy products for conceptual, especially for a new field.
Obstacles three: domestic users’ insufficient awareness
Civil security products in foreign penetration rate reached 70%, while the domestic market penetration is relatively low.
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